Helping Elderly Adults Lose Weight

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As we age, our bodies undergo a number of changes that may present health challenges if not addressed in time. The metabolism slows down gradually, which makes it much easier to gain weight even without any significant changes in lifestyle. Although weight gain is quite common amongst the elderly, it is not inevitable. Given below are some of the best ways you can help elderly adults lose weight and stay healthy.

Adjust food intake:

Aging adults burn fewer calories than younger people even when they are doing the same activities. The first way to reduce some weight is to control the intake of food that are rich in fats and sugar and replace it with more quantities of protein and starch. Also encourage aging adults to avoid alcoholic beverages, coffee drinks, smoothies, soda and have low calorie drinks such as green tea.

Encourage physical activity:

Physical activity plays a very important role in burning the energy derived from foods. Encourage aging adults to spend time outside the home in activities such as walking, cycling, swimming or even gardening.

Promote socializing:

Socializing frequently with a group of people helps aging adults maintain a healthy level of confidence and self-esteem. Encourage aging adults to join fitness groups so that regularity in their physical activity can be maintained with ease.

Remember that with metabolism, even the ability of absorbing nutrients is reduced amongst seniors. Also, sudden weight gain can sometimes be a symptom of an underlying problem. So make sure that you approach a medical practitioner before making any significant changes in the diet or physical routine. It may take a considerable amount of time for elderly adults to lose weight, so make sure that they are consistent in their efforts, and that they take the efforts to maintain their weight once their health improves.

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