Caring for elderly adults with diabetes

elderly checking glucose levels

Diabetes affects the body’s ability to process blood sugar to create energy. It occurs when the body either does not use insulin properly or does not manufacture enough of it. The prevalence of this disease increases as we age and proper care is required when dealing with elderly adults who have diabetes. The following guide will help you care for older diabetes patients

Educate yourself about the medication: Diabetes patients need a regular intake of insulin to survive. You need to be very careful to make sure only the required amount is administered. Ensure the elderly person takes his meals on time and that it is proper and nutritious. Treatment of diabetes depends upon maintaining blood sugar level, which means that having low blood sugar and high blood sugar are both undesirable. Make sure that the aging adult has plenty of fluids.

Promote moderate exercise: Not unlike most other diseases, diabetes worsens if the patient does not take proper care of their health. Although they do not need to perform rigorous exercises, you should encourage them to take short walks or engage in light exercise under supervision. This not only increases their mental health but also helps them maintain their mobility.

Pay attention to the feet: Foot care is an important part of diabetes care, as foot infections can dramatically complicate matters. Elderly adults are often not able to maintain proper foot hygiene due to loss of sensation. Ensure there are no cuts, bruises, sores or fungal growth between the toes or on exposed parts of the feet and visit a healthcare specialist for getting rid of warts or calluses.

With proper coordination amongst family members and local healthcare professionals, it is possible to maintain the quality of life of an aging diabetes patient.

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