Why the Young and Elderly Benefit from Close Relationships?

shutterstock_415283467_editedChildren and elderly adults are observed to share a mutually beneficial relationship. Studies have shown that elderly adults who frequently interact with children have better communication skills, decision making skills, and self-esteem, while the children show better academic performance. Emotionally enriching interactions between children and elderly adults can be fostered by engaging them in some of the activities given below:

  • Arts and Crafts:

 Probably one of the best ways to involve people of all ages is to let them spend some time in creating something with their own hands. There are a large variety of arts and craft projects that can be done by both children and seniors. The best part of this kind of activity is that both people would have created some keepsakes!

  • Gardening or nature walks:

 Spending time outside is extremely beneficial to people of all ages, and encouraging children and seniors to spend time on walks is a great way to make them bond. Alternatively seniors can teach children how to care for the plants in their garden. Elderly adults have a keen awareness about the balance of an ecosystem and children can benefit greatly from this knowledge.

  • Cooking:

Seniors who have spend many hours in the kitchen can teach kids a thing or two about how to make delicious meals. The deep experience of seniors combined with the enthusiastic creativity of children is the perfect recipe for cooking or baking. Even the youngest children will be able to contribute to the cooking process by mixing ingredients!

Exposing children and elderly adults to each other frequently has a profound effect on their lives. They help bridge the generation gap and get rid of misconceptions or stereotypes about each other. With time, both children and seniors are able to form more meaningful connections with other people in the community.

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