How to Help the Elderly Get Their Mojo Back?



The effects of aging not only show physically but can impact way beyond that. An elderly individual may not be able to understand, strategize and follow instructions as easily as is done by others. However, there are some ways and strategies that one can adopt to overcome these barriers and have a proper communication and the desired output. Here is how:

Vision – Vision gets impacted due to various kinds of illnesses at old age. To deal with the new eyesight, one needs to spend some time with the adult and ask them to read anything at a distance of 14 inches from the eyes. Bright light can be irritating so one can consider offering a glare. At the same time remember that any reading should be done with ample amount of light falling on the reading material.

Hearing – Sometimes, the elderly people may face challenges hearing high pitch sounds or are unable to make out the direction from where the sound is likely to be coming from. There are occasions when they are not able to bifurcate sound from background noise. Teaching an individual who is hard on hearing can simply begin with sitting next to their stronger ear. Now speak clearly but moderately. People can lip-read and can substitute their hearing inability with vision.

Touch – Sensitivity to temperature, pressure or texture gets reduced in old age. To deal with such individuals, try and provide larger bottles or utensils. Watch them work on with these bigger bottles but do not interrupt. Give that confidence to the elderly that they can find the solution themselves.

When you have to teach an elderly, you must ensure that you are patient enough with them. Old age is like a second childhood state that the person comes into and it is very important to adapt different psychological and physical ways of teaching about the life around them.

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