Most Popular Mobile Apps For The Elderly


Mobile phone is a necessity for everyone these days. From children to adults and elderly, everyone has an iPhone or an Android platform based mobile. Mobile apps have also gained extreme popularity these days and have become very helpful and eased life for everyone. There are some specific apps meant for the elderly in your family which can help them in various ways and can keep them posted, updated and healthy. Let’s look at some of these listed below:

  • VizWiz – The app is meant for those who can partially see. Such users can simply take a picture from the smartphone, then ask a question to which they get multiple spoken answers.
  • MedMory (Pill reminder) – The app helps in reminding the user of the medication. All that needs to be done is simply enter the information like the name of the medicine, its dose, frequency at which it needs to be administered, time when it needs to be consumed. The app will automatically send reminder message via a Push alert to the individual.
  • Instant heart rate – The app is smart enough to detect the heart rate based on the pulse on your fingertip.
  • EyeReader – With the age, the eyesight becomes weak and one may face challenges reading paperwork. The easiest way is to get an eyereader which converts the phone into magnifying glass. The text becomes brighter and can be easily read.
  • Park ‘n’ forget – Now it’s easy to locate your car after parking it. Park ‘n’ forget app will remember it for you. All you need to is enter the floor no. or the aisle no. where the vehicle has been parked. The app will be able to locate your car the next time you plan to drive it out. The app is also very helpful in calculating the parking meter.

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