Games You Can Play With Aging Adults


Aging adults can play games to exercise their mental muscles. These games help in keeping the brain sharp, regardless of age. Exercises of the mind help to fight off dementia, promote brain health and strengthen critical thinking skills.

Large print games are specially popular among the elderly. These include games like bingo, bridge, rummy, crossword puzzles and scrabble. Many prefers to play Wii games like golf and bowling. A number of game developers have coded games specially for seniors.

The Math Bee game is for the aging adult who prides on having a sharp mind and possesses excellent cognitive skills. The player has to do addition, multiplication or subtraction. The players sit during the game and pass paper pieces or colorful cards between them. Every player is assigned a different card. They may also be assigned a number, which are then written on their card batch. In case they answer wrong to a question, their cards are placed inside a basket. The player with the maximum number of cards remaining gets the prize after the game. However, every player gets a prize simply for participating.

Guess Who: Ask every elderly person in the group bring one photo of themselves when they were children. Write the name on the back of the photo. Put a note with number on front. Attach all photos to bulletin board. Every person in group gets a paper and a pen where the numbers are written down in the form of a list. Wedding pictures can also be used.

Botanical identification: You can take the elderly to a botanical garden or even to any community garden. The leader of the expedition explains the name and function of every flowering plant and one interesting fact about each plant. The elderly are then asked questions about their new found knowledge after a snack break. Those who can remember the most wins a prize.

The more exercise the mind gets, the healthier it becomes. Multiple activities are a must for a healthier lifestyle.

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