Traveling With Aging Adults


To many, the chance of inter-generational travel is a welcome event. There is abundant laughter, family closeness and the creation of delightful memories. However, the dangers and pitfalls of such a journey are not always taken into account. There is more than an even chance that a serious problem may arise during such trips.

Like other events, preparation is important when you travel with aging adults. You can enjoy the trip if you follow a few simple tips:

Identify the nature of assistance: Many elderly individuals are ironically fitter compared to their younger counterparts. They may not need assistance. However, your elderly companion might have issues related to Activities of Daily Living or ADLs. The list of such ADLS include mobility, toilet, cognitive ability, feeding oneself and bathing with cleaning. Notice and help if there is a decline in any of the above categories.

Always have extra time: Start two hours early to the train station or airport. You will have more than enough time to check in and enjoy a snack before the train starts or flight takes off. If necessary, you can use the wheelchair accessible restrooms before boarding. The latter will result in less chances of your elderly companion using the smaller restroom in the train or plane itself.

Find out in advance the medical facilities at the destination: This is particularly applicable if you travel with your elderly companion to a destination where you have never been before. Do a little research to locate where the health care facilities are located in that specific place. This information will help you immensely in case of an emergency. Do carry contact details and all insurance information related to your elderly loved one. If this is followed, no time will go waste in trying to get critical care if emergency strikes.

If you take precautions, the rewards are many, the pitfalls few. You simply need to pre-plan the trip.

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