How To Choose A Walker For An Elderly Adult



A walker makes sense if you face difficulty balancing or if you feel you may fall any time. This device makes it much easier for you to go places without being dependent on someone. You can use a walker as permanent aid or for a certain period of time.

Before you opt for a wheeled or a basic walker, take into account whether you can handle a device with wheels. It is important for you to control both brakes and wheels effectively. You must also ensure that you can comfortably use the walker. Your weight, height and lifting capability are important factors in such a decision. There could be instances when you may need to shift or lift your walker away from any uneven surface. It is thus important you choose a lightweight model. If you often travel outside the home, then buy a walker which folds for easier transport.

Many people choose between four wheeled walkers and two wheeled walkers. A two wheeled walker permits you to rest your weight on the walker when you move. The legs having wheels permits you to easily carry forward the walker- and the two legs sans wheels prevent walker from being rolled while you step forward. You should go for the four wheeled walker or rollator only if there is no need for you to rest on walker to keep your balance.

Many rolling walkers have seats. In the event of you being extremely tired, you can sit on such walkers and take a break. A rollator and transport chair combo makes sense if you want to walk only part-time. You can be transported or pushed when you feel tired.

The other important aspect while choosing a walker is selecting a grip. You can choose from a selection of plastic grips, foam grips or the soft grip covers. A soft grip is preferable if your hands get sweaty easily.

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