How to Encourage Elderly Adults to be Independent


Independence is an empowering state of being that helps people be happier and feel more in control of their lives, regardless of their age. As you progress through life from childhood to adulthood, you continuously learn skills and gather knowledge that helps you become less dependent on other people. But as you age your physical and mental capabilities begin to deteriorate, and this can compromise your ability to be completely independent. This kind of a situation has an effect on the mental well being of an aging adult and must be addressed with care.

Independence through interaction

 As a caregiver to elderly adults, it is your responsibility to understand that doing things for them is not always the best idea, as every person has an inherent need to feel productive. It is important to help aging adults use their mental and physical resources to help themselves, and the best way to do this is through regular interaction. The first objective is to build a system of interdependence. Look for the areas where the elderly adult can use their abilities to perform well. Most elderly people are able to take care of themselves, but they may need some help with certain activities which are mentally or physically demanding.

Holistic development

 Focus on all areas of a person’s life while trying to encourage independence. This means that you will need to plan activities that include certain amounts of physical exertion, mental stimulation, emotional expression and social connection. Each of these kind of activities help not only to keep them physically fit, but also develop better self-esteem, and reduce the chances of experiencing isolation and depression. You may even play games together or invest time in a hobby that keeps them engaged. With some planning, you will be able to help them live their daily lives with fulfillment.

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