Managing Medication for the Elderly


 As the human body ages, the stress built up over the years begins to show in the form of discomfort or reduced movement ability. Proper medication helps elderly people maintain enough vitality to live a fulfilling life. However, medication needs to be consumed with care as most of them are created synthetically, and they change the way your body functions. The following guide will help you better manage your medication and ensure that you are not unknowingly endangering your own health.

Types of medication

 All medication helps to promote your health, but each one of them is designed to have a very specific effect on the body. Medication can include anything from health supplements, over-the-counter drugs and prescription medication. Amongst these, prescription medication is the strongest, but it is also the most damaging to the body when taken incorrectly. And although nutritional supplements and over-the-counter drugs are relatively milder, they may interact with other medicines to have unpredictable effects.

Taking medication

 Ensure that your doctor knows exactly which medicines you are having, so that they will be able to help you better. Once you have your prescription, you will need to find ways to build a daily schedule of having them so that regularity is maintained. You may use a pill box that can hold a week’s worth of pills and combine the practice of taking medicines with another daily task, like brushing your teeth, so that it becomes routine.

Problems with medication

 If you are facing any problems with your medication, inform your doctor so that they can help you find a way around it. Some medicines may take longer to show some effect while some others may have side-effects which need to balance out with either food or other medicines. Also, it is a bad idea to reduce the dose or choose a cheaper medicine without informing your doctor as this could further complicate health problems. With proper usage, you should be able to manage your health using medicines.


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