Exercise Tips for Aging Adults


Exercise Tips for Aging Adults

 Exercise helps to maintain good health for people of all ages. Aging adults are suggested to engage in mild physical activity so they may maintain their mobility, strength and independence. Studies have also shown that elderly adults who exercise regularly have a reduced risk towards developing chronic diseases such as diabetes and osteoporosis. Sleeping disorders, depression and other such problems are also significantly alleviated if one exercises.

Recommended exercise for seniors

 Experts in healthcare suggest that aging adults are supposed to engage in some form of exercise for at least half an hour per day and three times every week to see any improvement in cardiopulmonary and musculoskeletal function. Everyone has a different physical constitution, which means that exercises should be designed for each individual according to personal ability. It is best to contact a personal trainer who will be able to design an exercise routine considering your range of movement and stamina.

The exercises that elderly adults are recommended to engage in are focused more towards developing balance and functional strength, instead of speed and stamina. This is because improving and maintaining balance helps to drastically reduce the chances of injuries due to falling, and focusing on functional strength improves the integrity of bones and muscles.

Exercises that can be performed in a residential environment

 Aging adults can engage in physical activity such as walking, cycling, swimming which can help in keeping up energy levels and maintaining vitality. Alternatively, you may even try doing chores, weight training or even practicing Tai Chi can help in maintaining good physical and mental health. By integrating physical activity in your daily life and routine, you can increase physical ability, reduce the chances of contracting diseases, increase independence and get the chance to socialize with others having similar interests.

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